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The truth is, this whole endeavor started with a drive just to get out of the house. In the summer of 2013 a family trip to Cheyenne Canyon began an adventure, which continues today. We started as a small coffee shop, but quickly became a culinary delight in the heart of Cheyenne Canon. Natasha used her Russian heritage to put a spin on favorite dishes from various cultures - she calls it "extra love".


Her philosophy is simple: memorable service, the absolute best organic food (locally sourced whenever possible), and making everything from the baked goods to her dinner dishes from scratch daily.  You have to try her honey cake, divine!

Our thoughtful menu can accommodate people with various dietary needs, including gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, keto and paleo preferences. For our coffee beverages we use organic coffee beans from local roasters. Our libations are handcrafted and made with Colorado spirits and our wines are carefully selected to compliment our diverse menu.


Don’t believe us ? Try our house made bloody mary mix-  it's so delicious you can drink it with or without adding our Colorado spirits.

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Not only do we take pride in the food and beverages we serve, we are also a green energy company. Natasha's oldest son Alex and his company Integrity International are in the process of installing solar panels and a clean energy storage system to allow Sacred Ground to be fully energy independent. Additionally, we collaborated with Colorado Springs Utilities to switch all our faucets to more efficient devices. This simple swap has saved 70,000 gallons of water per year.


Sacred Ground Cafe is a local neighborhood gathering spot with a beautiful patio looking out at Cheyenne Mountain. Take a seat, have a drink, stay a while. Listen to the creek and absorb the unique vibe of this hidden gem.

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